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Welcome to our home on the worldwide web. We think you will find our website informative and educational. The Indiana Coroners Association is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support the coroners of Indiana through education and training, providing resources to assist in death investigations, developing strategies to prevent loss of life, and rendering support to each county coroner when requested to aid in the timely resolution of death investigators.

This mission is accomplished with the assistance and support of a number of associate members. These organizations, federal and state as well as private citizens and businesses, have joined with the coroners of Indiana to provide the additional resources necessary to complete what can be a difficult but vital task for the citizens of the counties they serve.

2017 Dr. David Avolt Memorial Training Conference

We have attached a schedule of events. Complete details on each speaker and their topics are found in your conference brochure.

Food - The Sheraton Hotel is offering our guest 20% off their regular menu for Food and Beverage (excluding Alcohol). This will apply for all meal times in the Restaurant. You will need to show your ID badge in order to receive this discount.

General Session Attendance - The conference is for in-service training for the elected coroners and deputy coroners, therefore the ISCA must enforce that only coroners and their deputies that hold a current association ID badge are present in the general sessions. Spouses/Guest are welcome to attend the banquet or any other event held outside of the actual general session.

Interested in setting up a booth? The ISCA Board of Directors would like to invite your organization to be a exhibitor at our conference. Click here for more information and to register online.

Looking forward to another successful conference.

Lisa Barker & Tony Ciriello

The annual conference will be held June 1st to 3rd at the Sheraton Hotel and Suites, Indianapolis. We will begin the training at 11:30am on June 1st ending with the business meeting at the end of the day. Then Friday June 2nd with the banquet being held on that evening and conference will conclude at 5:00 pm on Saturday June 3rd. Rooms will be paid for by CTB as in the past for those over 50 miles for Thursday and Friday nights.

CTB is in the planning process and looking for Indiana Cases. If you have a unique case that you would like to present please contact Lisa Stambaugh Barker to get on the agenda.

Register for the 2017 Dr. David Avolt In-Service Conference

Register as an Exhibitor for the 2017 Dr. David Avolt In-Service Conference